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Blanko – Holes

Blanko – Holes


Blanko is an independent artist and multi-instrumentalist from the Netherlands, who writes, produces, and mixes his music, all on his own. His debut album will be released in the spring of 2022.

At the moment he’s sharing with us his song “Holes“. A groovy banger that’s meant to cause some serious sweat dripping in festival tents, and make people dance to the tunes of distorted guitars and immersive vocals.

The song talks about the dangers of falling too deep in the temptations of “nightlife”, a situation that many artists have found themselves into. And while the track features a dancy, more light kind of vibe and atmosphere, the lyrics discuss the issue from what feels like a personal point of view.

Blanko’s songwriting is definitely original and feels like it comes from the heart, whilst the song is not some ballad about dealing with personal dark experiences. The groove, the melodies, and the lyrics deliver exactly what feels like “the temptations of nightlife”.

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