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White Noise Maker – The Speed of Darkness

White Noise Maker – The Speed of Darkness

White Noise Maker

White Noise Maker is the moniker behind a veteran producer/artist with many different facets of the music industry. Having founded and fronted bands that have opened for indie-alt rock luminaries like Dinosaur Jr. and Guided by Voices, composed theme songs and music for television shows and used his talents to create background songs for nationally recognized bands.

Now being White Noise Maker, things are completely different. Being a strictly solo project allows for total control over his creative vision. Influenced heavily by pop-rock sounds, the music produced is something unique and original, with elements as diverse as modern pop to roots Americana. Big melodic hooks, sampled beats, funk guitars, and harmonies in the vocals lead to songs like “The Speed of Darkness“.

A song with such a great production I have honestly listened in repeat for so many times now that I’ve lost count. Funny thing is, each time I listen to the song, I notice something different. Great melodies, excellent groove, really really love the bass sound and the drop before the chorus. Lyrics are also really well curated and feel like written from the heart.

I can say I’m definitely a fan of White Noise Maker and checking out the bio, I can say we have to expect greatness.

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