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Whispering Knights – Night Grows

Whispering Knights – Night Grows

Whispering Knights

With a refreshing honesty & delightful melodicism comes ‘Night Grows‘, the debut single from Warwickshire psychedelic folk band Whispering Knights. Featuring a classic ‘rock band’ make up, this charmingly retro-futuristic sound is both easily palatable & excitably intriguing.

Colors will fade away as the night grows‘, the chorus croons. Vocals catch a breeze, dancing around the soaring electric guitars, with a waltz-timed acoustic & live drum kit fleshing out the rhythm, & a terrifically placed bass tying it all together with a bow. Cantabile & canorous, one might almost miss the clever wordplay if thoroughly caught up in the swing of the groove, the lightning/ thunder of the lead licks, or the all-around catchiness.

There is a clear love of the craft here, with broader song & composition taking the forefront above any individualism; every aspect feels deliberate, yet effortlessly graceful. Amidst a sea of lacklustre roboticism, it is indeed invigorating to hear such masterful song smithery amidst a more tangible, humanistic backdrop. With this being our broader introduction to Whispering Knights, there is sure to be more amazing songs on the horizon; follow further here:

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