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giveme5 best videos of the week | E03

giveme5 best videos of the week | E03



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Le Roi Angus – La Wax

Well I have to inform you that for the past month, I’m stuck on a mobile app trying to learn French I left out in high-school. “La wax” came at the right momentum! I really had a crack up with King Kong at first, moving my head to the beat. I still don’t have what it takes to tell you about the lyrics, however, J’Clapse la Wax means I break the ambient melancholy. That’s exactly what this track does to your music bones. It puts a radiant smile on your face, while youre thinking of macarons or buttered croissants. It should be on your playlist at work or at home for a lounge dance, even on the local club-bar floor with a great shiny disco-alt-ball. Le Roi Angus can be found also on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


I am TIM – Don’t Break

am TIM is a straightforward beat concept! This track is actually part of a narrative music video series.”Don’t Break is a montage. It shows the process of engineering a spaceship for the purposes of eventually launching it up and out in order to escape the prison of my own mind. On the power of song.”, says, fearless space explorer, I am TIM. The story continues with April Rain, Where we always go and Stuck (in my head). I just love youtube. Take a break and enjoy the uploads on Made Jour label, facing the way UP! Find more about TIM, the NY rapper on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


Andy Pfeiler – Space Xpress

Andy was air played on E016 of giveitaspin yesterday on Paranoise Radio, be sure to check our latest podcasts on mixcloud! Space Xpress is the fresh new single of Andy Pfeiler sideman of Nils Landgren Funk Unit. When funky gets political it can only bring a breath of fresh air to our thoughts. Included is his daughter a 10-year-old backup heck of a singer! You’ll have to orbit around a while as the album Brain Boogie will be released in mid-September. The lyrics is what I’ve personally enjoyed as much as the music creativity, they reflect Andy’s worries about the way we treat the planet, each other, pollution, climate change, xenophobia and the multiple wars going on in the world. We all need a fresh start when things get diffucult, at least lets make music our tour guide for that! Check Soundcloud, Facebook and the official website for news. 

Hiccup – T 

Ahhh. This is just magic. HICCUP is an out loud reaction, experimenting on synthesized electronic sound and natural acoustic sound by blending them in a pleasant manner. Their second album is called “Maelstrom” consisting of 8 tracks altogether. It’s an intense journey, a fluid experience of 61 minutes. You can find them in Istanbul playing live performances and dj sets in various top-line clubs and scenes. Mustafa and Mert’s next adventures can be found on Facebook and on the official website. I don’t want to speak of genres as I can feel a lot of things like Brian Eno went techno, Nick Cave got hold of an underground club or Vatican Shadow arrived early to pump up the dawn of daylight. I don’t know what T stands for but it sure is Truthful to my ears. 

Caravane – Demons

No more demons? Here is a dark and mysterious art film that depicts a nocturnal encounter between two souls. The story folds in the style of Edgar Allan Poe and one of the two protagonists isn’t exactly what he looks like. Démons was directed by Sébastien Corriveau with Maxyme Gagné as the art director. It’s a night blues-rock track to go with a good bottle of beer, wine or whiskey, just as you lay back on your sofa from a hard day. Perhaps you’re twirling your glass around and thinking about the bad thoughts on your shoulder. At least when you get through the track, you have survived. It’s time to live another day. Find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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