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Felix Rösch – I’ll see you in 21 days

Felix Rösch – I’ll see you in 21 days


Berlin-based Felix Rösch releases his third studio EP Piano (28th May) with the lead single “I’ll see you in 21 days“.

Writing the latter for his own peace of mind, it presses against a wall in the quiet mist through longs for sobbing or heartfelt minimalism. To his words, “In late 2020, I had to leave my 1-year-old daughter for three weeks in a row. I know, there are worse things, but it truly broke my heart. ‘I’ll see you in 21 days’ was our little goodbye.”  Subtle piano improvisations, analog synthesizers, and string arrangements bring a blissful haze of warmth and revelation to the soul. If this song doesn’t fade into you, or you can’t feel the separation through time, I don’t know what other climax is yet to come. This Father-daughter love in a piece is our mini symphonic crescendo for today.

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