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masunoji – 人魚の夢 (A Mermaid Dream)

masunoji – 人魚の夢 (A Mermaid Dream)


Studies show that approximately 80% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored. On the newest track by Japanese sonic expeditionary masunoji人魚の夢 (rough translation: A Mermaid Dream), we delve into the furthest depths of the sea, in search of both ourselves & how we might reflect via our marine faring brethren.

Featuring splendid transonic synthesizers artfully mixed onto an otherworldly palette, one has only to close one’s eyes in order to be swept away. Pelagic tones guide the listener across a vast expanse, coercing movement toward a calm intrigue – indeed, it is an evocation of mindfulness & the mystery of the universe.

It is possible mermaids do exist, somewhere out there, & they are just waiting until we’ve evolved far enough socially before they reveal themselves. In the meantime, delve into the masunoji catalog for some further adventure:

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