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Mokhov – Drifting Off 7

Mokhov – Drifting Off 7


Many instances arise within both the chaos & mundaneness of everyday, moment-to-moment life experiences, where one must simply tune out the world around them – or, rather, tune in. The psychic meditation of Mokhov’s Drifting Off 7’ open’s this 3rd/4th eye exquisitely, allowing a fully enveloping astral projection/ lucid dreaming experience if one is receptive to such extravagance.

Gentle keys arise in a subtle breeze, picking up intention & purpose as the spell takes hold of our consciousness, setting out the path to far-off places. Minimalist repetitions & underlying, subtle melodies play over detailed/ focused drones in a masterful fashion. The wall of textures, hazy & lush, remain palatable & digestible without sacrificing the heightened intricacies required for such a journey.

& this is just the appetizer, if such experiences are your foray, Mokhov has a catalog worth taking along on many expeditions:

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