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September Favs 2017

September Favs 2017


Giveitaspin is in Sweet September mode, so pick up some favs Niki just discovered for your early Autumn escapades!


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*Random order below

  1. The Land Below – Made For You (Indietronica)
  2. Basement Bout – Facelift (Indie/Garage Rock)
  3. BP the Neckbreaker – Stacking Ammo (feat Frukwan & 9th Prince) (Hip Hop)
  4. Rookley – Melatonin (Minimal Electronic)
  5. Arlene Gould – Rollin’ (feat. Lucille Crew) (World/Afrobeat/Soul)
  6. Electronic Warfare Squadron – La Puta Vida (Alternative)
  7. Tucker Winstanley – Lush (Chillstep)
  8. Apex Zero – Flying High (Hip Hop)
  9. Cousin Kula – Working For It (Psychedelic/Indie Pop)
  10. J. Lately – I’ll Be Living ft. Demrick & Khyenci Tienne (Hip Hop)
  11. Ducks! – Into The Sea (feat Nate Goldentone) (Shoegaze/Dream Pop)
  12. Ikebe Shakedown – Supermoon (Soul/Funk)
  13. Baby Rose – Lost Inside Your Lie (R&B/Soul)
  14. Flex Gordon – Respirator (Downtempo/Electronic)
  15. Geo – For You (Instrumental/Beats)
  16. Fabrikate – Your Grooves (Chillstep)
  17. Lyves –  Holding Back (Electronic/Deep Soul)
  18. Joseph Gkikas – Shubidua (Retro/Rock’n’Roll)
  19. UnknownArtist & Khris – Stains (Electronic)
  20. Annabel (lee) – Autumn Requiem (Experimental/Jazz)


The Land Below – Made For You

Hybris label is one of our favorite Indietronica / Retrowave / Future pop ambassadors lately and The Land Below has just pushed out a massive track. Balearic backdrops, elastic vocals and analogue synths paint the sky a swaying musical color. Made For You is the fourth single taken from the second album “And You Will Be Fine“. Don’t foget to follow The Land Below on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Basement Bout – Facelift

Basement Bout is a 4-piece garage/indie rock band from Växjö, Sweden. They have recently recorded new songs and Facelift is their first digital release. Find these guys on Facebook and Instagram. It’s an order of sounds!

BP the Neckbreaker – Stacking Ammo (feat Frukwan & 9th Prince)

On the lead single off his forthcoming compilation LP, Timeless Music, Long Island producer BP The Neckbreaker laces grimy strings and slapping drums for “Stacking Ammo,” a hard-hitting collaboration featuring Wu-Tang affiliates, Frukwan and 9th Prince. Timeless Music (Common Virtue Records) boasts guests features from The RZA, Kurupt, Canibus, Sticky Fingaz, Tragedy Khadafi, Planet Asia, as well as the late Prodigy and Sean Price, among others.

Rookley – Melatonin

NY-based Artist and Producer Rookley just released his thrilling debut- Single “Melatonin“. The track is part of upcoming EP “Weak or Absent Signals“, to be released in October within the publications of the freshly founded label AIMEND. Rookley finds his inspiration in Modeselektor, Moderat, Flume and Jamie XX. The track’s story is that of an artist’s hard work during entire nights to express what truly lies within, and then releasing the pressure together with a dancing crowd at the club. Rookley puts emphasis on staying anonymous, stating that the artists’ expression is what truly matters in an authenticity-seeking scene. Besides his music, he is active in an international street art scene, putting forward the approach of art as publicly exposed stories, putting the process of creating in the foreground. Stay close with Rookley on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter and future Aimend releases here.

Arlene Gould – Rollin’ (feat. Lucille Crew)

Urban beats, Afro-Pop grooves and anything from brass to electronics. Arlene Gould aka AG will grab you by the horns and leave you wondering and aching for more. Just like Arlene’s life story, Rollin is a unique blend of African and Caribbean roots mixed with European and Middle Eastern sounds. Follow the euphoria on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and news on the Official website.

Electronic Warfare Squadron – La Puta Vida

The Moon Landing was recorded in the Texas hill country at Santa Rosa Records, where Dave and Jesse took an experimental trip into the multidimensional world of sound by fusing the psychedelic with indie alt-rock. Running down 2 minutes through the track you will be fired up on some haunting lunar lighted performance. Find all stream sources and more info here. If the Giant Sand and Calexico were having some margaritas, then the EWS would be landing with tequilla in hand.

Tucker Winstanley – Lush

Tucker Winstanley is a Brooklyn based composer. He has produced two indie albums and most recently an ambient/experimental E.P. titled Heal, which utilizes the vocoder instrument on the recordings of empty rooms, static, rain, a mother and daughter playing, and of course, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. He also has composed for multiple short films, abstract videos, and podcasts. Late nights in Brooklyn and pulling melody from static bring Lush on our music plate. It’s a kaleidoscopic rumble of space over musical eternity. You’ll find everything you need via Tucker’s official website.

Apex Zero – Flying High

Flying High’ is the second release from West London’s Apex Zero’s new EP ‘All and Nothing‘. Produced by Frank Freeman, the track is inspired by Apex’s experiences travelling the world, living in China and touring across Asia. The track is a reflection on the emcee’s definition and overstanding of the freedom he gained by leaving the UK. The inspiring video (produced by GlobalFaction) was shot across China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore, showing Apex performing at festivals and shows as well as on top of mountains, swimming in waterfalls above rainforests and multiple other beautiful spots in Asia. Stay updated via the official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cousin Kula – Working For It

Cousin Kula have just released their latest single ‘Working For It’via Chiverin. Bristol based, the six piece explore psychedelic landscapes, blending slick pop vocals, woozy analog synths and soaring guitars. Working with Oliver Baldwin & Jim Barr (Portishead) at J&J studios they’ve managed to translate their energetic live sound into recorded form with great prowess. Wait for this major debut to drop in early November. Connect via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

J.Lately – I’ll Be Living ft. Demrick & Khyenci Tienne

I’ll Be Living, finds Lately teaming up with Demrick & Khyenci Tienne to revel in the good times, and the high ones too. Production is provided by Tha Shipmates. Following the release of the “Be Fucking Happy” album, J.Lately will be hitting the road for the 10 state “Be F’ing Happy” tour, along with DJ Nocturnal and Space Cadet. Stay tuned at

Ducks! – Into The Sea (feat Nate Goldentone)

Into The Sea is the third single from the new Ducks! album ‘Nak Nak’. It’s a spooky, late-night soundscape, where singing electronics, clattery percussion and a mysterious bassline given to the group by Nate Goldentone (the Liberators, Dojo Cuts) provide the setting for a tale of evolution in reverse. Ducks! imagine humans getting back on all fours, growing tails, and finally slipping back into the sea, leaving “a world safe from you and me”. Can’t wait to airplay this golden apple of sweet fortune! Qwak around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ikebe Shakedown – Supermoon

We’ve been loving Ikebe Shakedown since the Ubiquity days and truth is the djing shelf under Funk-Soul-Grooves is stamped with their name on it for so many years and on my personal playlists. It was a nice surprise to grab a new release on Colemine Records. Supermoon is a tune that expresses all the energy and excitement we feel moving through the city. From the opening wash of reverb to the last pummeling drum hits, we gave it an air of mystery, since we live somewhere where anything’s possible at any time, day or night, state Ikebe Shakedown. You can buy the release here. The band records directly to analog tape in their home-built studio in Brooklyn using vintage gear from the 60s/70s and that’s another reason you can’t go wrong with their high fidelity of sound and aesthetics in their genrefull world. Stay in touch here.

Baby Rose – Lost Inside Your Lie

Baby Rose releases debut EP “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn“and Lost Inside Your Lie is the best Soulful R&B track we spinned this month.

Flex Gordon – Respirator

Toronto based deephouse/downtempo producer Flex Gordon releases Respirator and it’s a breath of fresh electronic air.

Geo – For You

Geo is a steady feature on giveitaspin meaning we love his musical heart and productions. Geo shares the story behind “For You”, it was conceived late at night after a long, trying day on the phone with family. For months I was haunted by the recently failed relationship of my parents and recently failed friendships and fell into a bit of a spiral of hopelessness until I started writing this track. I began to peer through my pessimism and consume myself with thoughts of my own romantic relationship and how lucky I was. I felt like I was in a black and white movie when I thought about her and I; an old-fashioned type of love story with birds who sang and bad haircuts. Nowadays, I feel like it’s hard to maintain a healthy and sturdy relationship so “For You” is a tribute to vintage, black and white, corny, and sincere love.

Fabrikate – Your Grooves

Your Grooves is Fabrikate’s latest sweet-and-sultry release, a downtempo, slippery smooth track that possesses a nostalgic aura of dark lounges and private leather booths and perfect for tête-à-têtes. It almost sounds like it should be played from a vinyl record player, but is modernized with Fabrikate’s resonant synths and stellar percussion and complemented with plush saxophone notes underneath those groovy vocal snippets. Follow around on Facebook and Twitter.

Lyves – Holding Back

Lyves is the alias of Francesca Bergami. Stunning fresh single Holding Back is the first new music to emerge from the London based singer, songwriter and producer following the release of her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Like Water’ earlier this year. Follow Lyves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Joseph Gkikas – Shubidua

Joseph Gkikas delivers another diamond single taken off the Molina album. Accurate fullfilling production and a vintage vibe full of classy magnitute to make you swing and roll. Visit the official website for more info.

UnknownArtist & Khris – Stains

SKG based UnknownArtist strikes back with a dazzling tune to leave some Stains on our musical heart. The beat won’t brush off that easily. Teaming up with Estonian Khris-Marii Palksaar (Lyrics, Vox) it’s bound to be your favorite too. It’s clear focused, creative and drifts on with a fantastic electronic backbone to start up the heat of the night.

Annabel (lee) – Autumn Requiem

When words fail, music speaks. One of the top albums of the year for me. Stay tuned perhaps an interview will follow real soon once we get hands on the record! Warm strangeness and fleeting beauty! Grab the LP here!
A followup to their 2015 debut with Ninja Tune, Richard and Sheila Ellis’ sophomore effort, “The Cleansing,” exists in the folds, shaking the categorization of a single genre or label by casting echoes of Billie Holiday and Antonio Carlos Jobim atop opaque shades of Debussy and Edgar Allen Poe.

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