Video of the day

Gerda – Anchorage

This 4-piece band from South Korea aims to write songs with the beauty of delicacy.…

Shinra Knives – Girl Missing

There are countless examples of Music producers who strike into the visual arts field, and…

Dj Brush – Better Than Words

The Rome based Dj Brush has such a talent, his newest adventure “Better Than Words”…

VINI – The Cage

Ever wondered what music should you play loud in the background, if you opened up…

low treble
Συνέντευξη με τους Low Treble.

Oι αγαπημένοι μας Low Treble μιλούν στη Νίκη Σόρογκα για το νέο τους EP, «Mr.…

Merry Christmas – The Flying Trombone Sisters

Just as the year is ending I’ve discovered my cult heroes for 2021, named ‘Merry…

maseti by gemma -
Music Video Premiere – ‘Maseti’ by Gemma

New track Maseti symbolically states that internal fear is not an option, it is time to fight the injustices of the modern world and live without any social critique or constraints.

Freedom Shapes – I Αm Α Fly

Freedom Shapes has disguised his identity with a wild conceptuality. In the exploration of a reality or a nightmare, this low-key production track strips back with fierce intensity to flicker into the space of an art line, which invites politely to awaken any curious senses.

Benjamin Fitzgerald – Need To Feel Loved (Rework)

Drafting in a number of local creatives from his native home of Newcastle, in the North-East of England, “Need to Feel loved” is a powerful and reflective progression from his debut EP ‘Ambedo’ which was commissioned by BBC arts & Arts Council England, exploring mental health disorders through a musical lens, and his critically acclaimed single “The Cottage” released November of last year.