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Benjamin Fitzgerald – Need To Feel Loved (Rework)

Benjamin Fitzgerald – Need To Feel Loved (Rework)

Great heat is generated in “Need to Feel Loved“, a surprisingly amazing neoclassical rework from Newcastle-based Benjamin Fitzgerald. If you need to remember the original song have a look here. This “cover” breaks down electronic/trance borders, transforming music history into minimalistic kinetics for the soul to enjoy. Best of all, it’s Sunday today, where you can brush off the spikes of the week, and explore a calming aura with this track on your headphones. We are probably all dying to find some energetic entertainment at this point in Covid times, however feeling the love through music is definately and always fun. What a ride!

Speaking of his latest creation, Fitzgerald said:

“‘Need to feel loved’ is an incredibly special composition to me because it is my own interpretation of one of the most consequential trance tunes of all time. Trance and dance music, in general, has played a humongous role in my love and philosophy towards music, and with this release, I’ve emanated that fact by bringing the dance and classical worlds together. I have composed this piece to maintain the reminiscent feelings and emotions felt when experiencing dance music in a sweaty club with a load of strangers, but also pinpointing the passionate and poignant power behind the music that we all find so healing. 

It’s a reflection into the meaningful windows of dances long past, and the calming tranquility we have from having those experiences. “

Produced by Adam Forster of Old Church Studios & Josh Ingledew at Blank Studios, Benjamin Fitzgerald’s ‘Need to feel loved (rework)’ is out on all streaming platforms.



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